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ReWork About Us

Managing all aspects of your national workers’ compensation injury, claims, premium and compliance can be quite daunting, costly and fraught with risk. ReWork offers you peace of mind providing expert services to manage part, or all of these obligations.

The ReWork approach is all encompassing. We don’t just work for our clients, we partner with them to strive and achieve mutually agreed goals which result in:

  • Access to a team of expert workers’ compensation professionals
  • Reduction in workers’ compensation costs and premiums
  • Immediate provision of injury management ensuring early recovery and durable return to work
  • Proactive and strategic claims management
  • Improved workplace culture and morale
  • Reduction in absenteeism and lost time injuries
ReWork has experts and systems focused on getting workers back to work, ensuring that businesses don’t pay more premiums than they have to.


For most businesses workers’ compensation premiums tend to be the largest insurance cost. Many organisations are not aware that this cost to your business can be controlled and reduced with strategic management. ReWork provides you the expert services to meet your organisational needs.

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