At ReWork we work with a number of organisations across a wide cross section of industries. As an organisation that holds community close to our hearts, we have always approached our work with a social conscience and as such one of our specialties is the Community Services sector. We have worked with highly regarded disability, health, aged care and community support services providers across all Australian states.

Recently I sat down with one of our clients to talk all things Workers Compensation and their experience with ReWork.

How did you come to hear about ReWork?

When I joined the organisation, ReWork were already embedded as an injury management provider. I had not previously had experience with external parties running the Workers Compensation portfolio before, but I soon came to the conclusion that it was the best option for our business.

What made you come to this conclusion?

Our organisation is large, but not large or well-funded enough to have a full time dedicated resource to oversee the program. Whilst there are internal personnel within HR and Corporate that could potentially take on these functions, they lack the necessary expertise and industry know-how to manage the issues as competently as ReWork does. Further to that, I found ReWork were immersed in our business and seen as part of the team. Our ReWork consultant has more corporate memory than many of our current management team. They have become an essential part of our business leadership.

What are some of the things that ReWork does for your business?

ReWork are involved in many aspects of our business. They manage all of our in-house injuries and claims, coordinating all conversations with workers, managers, doctors, our insurer and all other parties. Apart from the management of our day to day claims and injuries they also work with our finance team looking at remuneration declarations, policy coverage and undertake premium forecasting for us. ReWork presents to our board when required. This is invaluable as we would not be able to convey the messages the way ReWork does with their level of knowledge.

What are some of the key factors that keep ReWork within your business?

Peace of mind. I know that the Workers Compensation area of our business is being managed expertly. I am not concerned about exposure for non-compliance. They keep us abreast of legislative changes. When ReWork gives us advice, we know it is soundly based and industry leading. Be it medical information, legal advice or operational, ReWork has always proven to be working in the best interest of our organisation. From what I can see, within the Workers Compensation field, they are the only party that really works on our behalf and in our best interest.

Would you recommend ReWork to other providers in your industry?

Absolutely. ReWork’s professional approach to Workers Compensation demonstrates their knowledge and skill. In addition to that they understand the nuances of our industry and the regulatory bodies and rules that we have to navigate. They share an ethical mindset with us, and they take into account our organisation’s culture in the advice they provide and in the way they operate.

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Joe Bisognano

Managing Prinicpal